The ultimate training experience for professionals who are looking to develop a strategic mindset, understand financial markets, and improve their team’s effectiveness
Unique training techniques
Our course is based on unique teaching techniques that use games to make learning easy and enjoyable
Groups of 6+ people
Our training is conducted in groups starting with as few as 6 people. We have catered to groups of 40+ people before — Work alone or in a team for a unique experience each time!
3 hour duration
What is TheFinGame?
One of the unique features of The Fin Game is a twist that is revealed midway through the game, which adds an extra level of challenge and tests players' ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
The Fin Game is an interactive seminar/game that simulates the ups and downs of the stock market in a competitive setting.

It is a fun and educational team-building activity that challenges players to make strategic decisions to maximize their profits over the course of 10 trading turns. Each player is assigned a unique role with their own set of rules and constraints, which requires careful consideration , mental adaptability and a flexible perspective
What happens during training?
10 turns
Flexible Buyer
Methodical buyer
ETF Manager
Secret role
7 unique roles
mini-market simulation
Each role is unique and aimed at promoting new knowledge and market awareness. The simulation maintains a competitive, friendly and educational atmosphere
Participants can play individually or as part of a team. Each team has its own responsibilities and performs different and unique tasks
You can interact with the other players/teams on the market, trying to carry out your unique task. Each role has a different way to achieve the same thing — being profitable in a volatile and challenging market.

You’ll be able to compete and interact with the other teams through the market, and analyse and refine your strategy based on your own constraints and the actions of the other participants.
What do you get from us?
The training will be useful to all professionals, especially those interested in learning more about finance and financial markets
Above all, the game is enjoyable. There is usually a lively discussion about markets and trading after the simulation ends. And participants leave with a whole new understanding of the financial markets
How we help:
To develop your strategic thinking
Develop successful growth strategies with the whole team
To understand how financial markets work
Experience the beneficial effects of a friendly, entertaining and educational atmosphere at work
Improve the efficiency of your organisation's task performance - develop Situational awareness
— an experienced trainer, lecturer and former professional futures trader in London.
Michael spent five years working as a proprietary trader deep in the heart of the City of London. His next five years were spent teaching internationally, mainly in Moscow, Russia.
Michael takes great care to ensure that his messages are easily understood by his listeners. He prides himself on the effectiveness and clarity of his ideas and lessons.
Why is TheFinGame effective?
A professional team is first and foremost a team that tries to achieve common goals.

In our game, the conditions are usually the same: team members interact, help each other and look for ways out of difficult situations.
ThefinGame’s methods are naturally excellent for team-building. They help promote strategic thinking, teamwork and risk anticipation.

Through a process that has been perfected over many years, your team will experience a market like no other. TheFinGame is an exciting and interesting journey like no other!
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